~~~~~~~~DJ HERO SET~~~~~~~~

  • DARK-OH  (Belgrade-Serbia)
  • ÖΜΕR BAYRAKTAR (Istanbul-Turkey)
  • MARIOLA GOLINCZAK (Torun-Poland)
  • ILIYA CHETROKOV (Plovdiv-Bulgaria)
  • LAURA IARU (Bucharest-Romania)
  • GABRIELE SABATO (Rome-Italy)


Dark-Oh Tango (Belgrade-Serbia)

„If I can help somebody as I travel along,

If I can spread love`s  message,

with a word or a song,

then my living shall not be in vain” Mahalia Jackson –
“Playing on a Milonga, my job is to make people believe in what they already know – life is Tango and vice versa.” – Dark-Oh

Besides DJ-ing on the biggest regular Milongas in Belgrade and Belgrade Tango Encuentro Festival, Dark-Oh played on prestige Tango Festivals like International Istanbul Tango Festival (Adile Sultan Palace), Stockholm Tango Festival, Stockholm Tango Lovers, Cilento Tango roots, Zagreb Tango Festival… Tango Marathons such as Noches de Hungria, Amor en Budapest, 24h Milonga, Pomeranian Tango Marathon, New Year`s Belgrade Tango Marathon… Prestige regular Milongas in Vienna (Galeria Ideal), Istanbul (Dalyan Club); Milan, Bergamo, Brescia; “Dulce de Noche” (La Mancha – Istanbul), Santa Mergellina (Napoli), Tango Devoradores Marathon (Wroclaw), Caminata por el Lago – Encuentro Milonguero Balaton, Timisoara Tango Festival, Summer Baklava Tango (Sarajevo), Austrian Alpine Abrazo, Riga Tango Marathon, TangoTo Istanbul Festival, Montenegro mountain summer tango camp – Kolasin, Tango Paradise, Tango Cazino Cluj …


ÖΜΕR BAYRAKTAR (Istanbul-Turkey)

Omer has been performing as a tango Dj for a quite long time mostly in Turkey and he performed also in various festivals, marathons and different countries for the past few years.

He has been well known by tango community around Europe for his melodic and powerful music. He had performed extremely good in the international festivals that he had become one of the “must have” Dj in any event.

He has a unique taste of music selection among the wide tango music history starting from Old Guard to Tango Nuevo.

His major success is that he has a dynamic connection with the dance floor. He prefers rhythmic music fretted by smooth and clear music.






Elias – Iliya Chetrokov (Plovdiv, Bulgaria)

Tango DJ Elias started dancing Tango Argentino in 2006 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and his interest in the history of tango, the music and the tango-orchestras dates back to the same year. Ever since 2006 he has kept a growing collection of tango music. His first teacher has been DJ Tanguerin – Ivo Parushev, and his first experience as a DJ was on “La Milonguita de Sofia” in 2009. Later on he has been DJ-ing in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, VARNA SUMMER TANGO MARATHON 2012, 2013 and 2014, 3rd BALKAN TANGO WEEKEND – Varna – 2013, 4th BALKAN TANGO & SPA WEEKEND – Brestnik – 2014, VILLA URQUIZA TANGO WEEKEND – Sofia 2014, 3rd BULGARIA WINTER TANGO MARATHON – Plovdiv 2015, ELITE TANGO MARATON RAVADINOVO – CASTLE “IN LOVE WITH THE WIND” 2014, 2015, LESVOS TANGO MARATHON 19-21 JUNE 2015. In the last six years he has been in charge of the weekly tango-practice of the Burgas tango society. Since 2013 he has been the initiator of the monthly MILONGA SIN NOMBRE in Plovdiv. DJ Elias has a special taste for the Golden Age Orchestras, but in his milonga set both Guardia Vieja and contemporary orchestras tandas are invariably present.